Hemax® D

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Hemax® D is an iron supplement for use as an additive in feed for Fur (mink, fox and others).

In Hemax D, the iron is bounded as chelate to the amino acid - glutamic acid. This organic iron chelate complex absorbs far better than inorganic bounded iron. Another advantage with Hemax® D is as the iron is bounded to the glutamic acid as chelate, the iron is protected, and prevents by that other substances to react with iron and creates insoluble iron compounds, which again will precipitate in the digestive system of the animal.

Hemax® D should be added to the mixing process as late as possible.

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Dienas deva vienam dzīvniekam ir  0,5 g

1 kg uz tonnu barības


kannas 25 l/ 27,5 kg( uz paletes ir 24 kannas x27,5 kg = 660 kg), konteineri 1090 kg

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0.25g/animal/day or 1kg /1 ton food.

Product specification.

Parameter  Unit Specification
Iron g/l 40.0 – 44.0  
Sodium g/l 11.0 - 13.0  

Typical values

Parameter  Unit Value
Specific gravity @/20 °C g/cm3 1.14  

Storage stability -  Hemax D is stable for at least 2 years under normal storage conditions.