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Hemax® is a feed additive product containing iron, for oral use to bearing animals.


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Daily dose of 0,5 g per animal covers the daily need. Hemax product information
Packaging: cans 25 l / 27.5 kg (one pallet 24 cans x 27,5 kg = 660 kg)

Hemax® is been used to prevent anemia fo fur bearing animals due to iron defiency. Hemax® iron supplement is used as a feed additive to fur bearing animals. The iron content in Hemax® is combined as chelate to the amino acid - glutamatic acid (iron chelate is a souble complex of iron, sodium and chelating agent). This organic iron chelate combination absorbs fare better than inorganic combined iron.


2 kg Hemax per 1 to food

To have homogenius mixture we recommend to mix 2kg Hemax with 20 liters of water and add food late in production process.

Product specification.

Parameter   Specification
Specific weight 20°   1.09  g/cm3
Sodium   11.0 - 14.0  g/l
Iron   18.0 - 22.0  g/l


Expire date - 2 years from production date
Product is harmles, material safety data is available upon request.