Baltica C

Baltica C product image


Baltica C is one of our premixes for mink feed


Product No. 108 075 10 Trouw Nutrition logo


0.015% Product content declaration Baltica C
Packaging: Bag 25.000 kg
Odour: Neutral
Colour: White


Product content declaration.

Name   Per kg premix
Bushelweight   0.702  kg
Liters   1.476  l/kg
Vitamin B12   130000.000  mcg
Folic acid   6001.000  mg
Vitamin C   300000.000  mg
Cd Max.   0.000  mg
Pb Max.   0.005  mg
Calcium Total   41.000  g
Ash   117.000  g
Moisture content   0.483  g
Sugar   562.364  g
Sugar/Starch   562.364  g


Shelf life: see label or consignment note.
Processing: see Farmix instruction "Working safely with premixes."
The authorisation of this specification has been done electronically.
Store in cold and dry place unopened.