Baltica B

Baltica-B product picture


Baltica B is one of our premix for mink feed


Product No. 71-959.0 Trouw Nutrition logo


500 - 750 g per feedmill of 6.5 tons Product content description Baltica B icon
Packaging: Bag 15.000 kg
Odour: Neutral
Colour: White


Product content declaration.

Name   Per kg premix
Bushelweight   0.587  kg
Liters   2.347  l/kg
Vitamin B1   330000.005  mg
Vitamin B2   66000.001  mg
Pantothenic acid   44000.000  mg
Niacin   110000.002  mg
Biotin   1100000.015  mcg
Vitamin B12   220000.043  mcg
Folic acid   21999.997  mg
Vitamin B6   33000.000  mg
Cd Max.   0.005  mg
Pb Max.   0.108  mg
Calcium Total   88.100  g
Magnesium Total   0.000  g
Potassium Total   0.100  g
Sodium Total   0.100  g
Chlorid Total   5.700  g
Crude Protein   17.800  g
Crude Fat   2.000  g
Ash   223.900  g
Moisture content   4.425  g
Sugar   148.335  g
Sugar/Starch   148.335  g


Shelf life: see label or consignment note.
Processing: see Farmix instruction "Working safely with premixes."
The authorisation of this specification has been done electronically.
Store in cold and dry place unopened.