Febrivac® 3-plus

Febrivac_3-plus förpackning


Febrivac 3-plus  is a triple vaccine against virusenteritis, botulism and hemorrhagic pneumonia in mink.






Injektionsvätska, suspension

Active substanses
Clostridium botulinum, type C-toxoid
Mink-enterititvirus type 1, inactivated

Aktiv immunisering av minkar mot virusenterit, botulism och smittsam lunginflammation (s k hemmorhagisk pneumoni).


Posology and method of administration

Basic immunization of kits:
A single 1 ml injection is given subcutaneous between the 6 and 8th week of life, at the earliest. If the first immunization was affected by maternal immunity the second vaccination can be given after 3-5 weeks.

Breeding animals:
Breeding animals should be vaccinated at least four weeks before mating. Animals should be boostered annually.


Febrivac® 3-plus is available in the following packaging

Size Package type
1x250 ds Vial