Fecinor product


Probiotic FECINOR – contains Enterococcus faecium CECT 4515 bacteria.

In FECINOR E. faecium is protected by layers of polysaccharides that allow it to pass through the stomach without being affected by acid pH and bile salts. On reaching the intestine, E.faecium multiplies at a rapid rate (doubling in CFU every 19 minutes, like E. coli strains) when compared to other lactic bacteria (40-60 min)).

It adheres to the intestinal wall forming an effective “biological barrier” which protects the intestine against pathogenic colonization.

During its multiplication FECINOR produces a large quantity of enzymes in sufficient amounts to make the nutrients in the feed more digestible.


Product provided for adding to feed.

Fast multiplication rate – 19 minutes to double CFU count.
Effective since it forms a protective coating on intestine lining.
Produces large amounts of enzymes, especially proteases and amylase.
Enhances the effects of proteolytic enzymes endogenous to intestine.
Effective producing lactic acid, a well-known bacteria fighter.
Improves daily weight gain and feed conversion rate
Enables to restore intestinal flora after antibiotic treatments and stress situations.