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The Intervacc Group Intervacc - parent company Subsidiary Mybac-Vettech Subsidiary Nordvacc Subsidiary SIA Nordvacc Latvia


Nordvacc is part of a Swedish group, active in the Biotechnology sector, where Intervacc is the parent company. The group includes besides Nordvacc Läkemedel AB the subsidiary SIA Nordvacc Latvia and Mybac-Vettech laboratoriet AB. The business is focused on the development and sale of products and services in animal health care. Together we form a leading player in niched segments of the veterinary pharmaceutical market in Scandinavia and the Baltics.


To meet the increasing demands of effective vaccines in animal health Intervacc develops new vaccines based on recombinant proteins. The company has after many years of research almost finalized the development of a safe and efficacious vaccine Strangvac® against the highly contagious disease strangles in horses caused by Streptococcus equi.

Intervacc is a public company with more than 180 shareholders. The the major shareholders are Nordvacc Läkemedel Holding, Knutsson Holdings, Lyftet Holdings and the research team behinde the new vaccine technology.

Intervacc AB 
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