For treatment of various diseases of horses, we have the following products available. We are also working hard to develop a vaccine, Strangvac® against strangles a disease that has lacked an adequate vaccine protection.



- Hipracin® vet.

- ColiCure is unfortunately not for sale anymore.


Strangles - A highly contagious, equine plague spreading worldwide.

Strangles is caused by the bacterial Streptococcus equi, an infection which has affected horses almost since the antiquity. The number of cases is steadily growing. The disease is similar with, tonsillitis/paratonsillitis/scarlet fever in humans, caused by Streptococcus pyogenes. In Sweden, strangles is one of few bacterial infections in horses, which must be reported to the authorities.

The infection ceases after about a month. The infection is very contagious and requires full isolation of an affected facility. Due to the highly contagious character of this disease, a rapid diagnosis combined with isolation of suspected cases is the most effective step in reducing the outbreak. Approximately 5 procent of infected horses develop life threatening complications or death.

The Swedish Biotechnology company Intervacc, parent company to Nordvacc, is on track to develop a vaccine, Strangvac® against strangles. Clinical trials provides strong evidence in support of the use of intramuscular vaccination with Strangvac® for the prevention of Strangles in horses.

Read more about strangles and the research at Intervacc.