• Welcome to Nordvacc Läkemedel AB
    Nordvacc is an animal health company who markets and distributes vaccines, pharmaceuticals and OTC products in Europe.
  • Nordvacc overall goal is to work for a better animal health, we deliver this by marketing and distributing quality vaccines and pharmaceuticals.
  • Nordvacc distributes and markets a complete range of fur animal vaccines, under the name Febrivac® in the European market.
  • Nordvacc is a part of a biotechnology group with Intervacc as parent company. The group also includes the subsidiaries SIA Nordvacc Latvia and Mybac-Vettech laboratory.
  • Focus on Animal Health

    Nordvacc is working for a better animal health. We market and distribute veterinary high quality products in the European market. Over the past 20 years we have gained vast experience in this industry, and today is a market leader in fur animal vaccines.

    Together with our market leading production partners IDT GmbH and HIPRA S.A are we devoted to continue the development of new and efficient animal health products.

STARTVAC package


The vaccines within the Febrivac® and Cunivak® ranges, are produced by IDT GmbH in the high-tech production facility in Germany.

We have animal health care products for



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